About Us

Big Voice Media Collective is a group of artists and creative practitioners with a passion for exposing children and young people to the world of moving image storytelling through engaging high quality filmmaking experiences. We have a track record of supporting groups of young people in the creation of quality content, which allows them to share their stories through a variety of engaging formats.

Ambitious animation with an iPad

Shooting 'Lumpy Boy'
The Collective includes Artists, Animators, Photographers, Writers, Editors, Musicians, App developers and Web specialists, each with a personal portfolio of professional projects to their name, alongside a passion for sharing their specialisms through educational work. An example of this is through the delivery of the highly successful First Light Funded project ‘Magic Frames’, delivered in partnership with Natalie Deane, Battyeford CE Primary School.

Animating - 'Garden in My Pocket'

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