Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Shoot Smart - Mobile Movies

 Big Voice Media Collective has been awarded a grant from Into Film to support children and young people from four Kirklees schools investigate the effectiveness of tablet-based filmmaking through the Shoot Smart project.

Thanks to Into Film, Big Voice Media Collective will be working with forty young people from Kirklees over a four month period to make four high quality cinematic short films using only tablet devices, apps and associated accessories as part of Shoot Smart, a pioneering mobile filmmaking project that seeks to establish the effectiveness of using mobile and tablet devices for filmmaking in the classroom. Each of the films will be created as a vehicle for extensive action research looking at the suitability of tablets and associated software for the creation of high quality film content across animation and live action filmmaking.

Into Film is a film education charity that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people aged 5-19 across the UK. With only three other grants being awarded nationally, this presents an exciting opportunity for local children and young people to be part of a new investigative project whose findings will be used to inform Into Film’s future film education work and filmmaking opportunities nationally.

This project, titled Mobile Movies, is being managed and delivered by Big Voice Media Collective with support from Natalie Deane (Lead Teacher and Arts Education Consultant) based in Kirklees MC and Oya Consultancy; an association of education professionals who have a distinguished track record of supporting and advising schools and colleges in raising attainment and achievement by providing excellent learning experiences. A team of filmmaking specialists will guide children and young people through each stage of the filmmaking process, whilst also encouraging them to contribute to research tasks incorporated within the creative workshops. Children and young people involved in this exciting project have been recruited from Battyeford CE Primary School, Thurstonland First School, Ashbrow Primary School & North Huddersfield Trust School.

Big Voice Media Collective is a group of artists and creative practitioners with a passion for exposing children and young people to the world of moving image storytelling through engaging high quality filmmaking experiences. With the support of professional filmmakers from Big Voice Media Collective, participants in Mobile Movies will explore each stage of the filmmaking process from story development, through shooting, to the final edit and will record their findings with the support of specialists from Oya Consultancy in the compilation of extensive research data set to inform and benefit the future of young peoples filmmaking.

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